Hi Folks! 

 New single was released the week of January 20, 2021!  You can find it and listen by clicking here:

Microwave Popcorn (remix feat Hannah Bach)


 Hello and welcome to the site of Steve Bach and 8 Keys Records. Steve's newest album "Yes and Know" was released on October 22, 2018!! 

Featured in the group is the legendary guitarist of The Doors, Robby Krieger! Also featured are world renowned drummer Peter Erskine and bassist Darek Oles. 

The record can be heard or downloaded on all of your favorite sites, and is also available for download here at a special price! 




Yes and Know available now! 

It was a great experience recording with 3 amazing musicians for Yes and Know:  Guitarist Robby Krieger of The Doors.  World class Drummer Peter Erskine, and stellar Bass Player Darek Oles. I'll post some pictures of the recording session soon. Thanks for listening!

New Album "Bach Solo" Release! 

Very happy to announce the release of a new solo piano album entitled Bach Solo!  It was recorded over the last two years and produced by legendary Director François Girard.

Special offer for the month of June.  $5 to download the album.  Or a free download of 1 song with your email address.

Thank you for supporting original music!


Airplay for 8 Keys continues into September!!! 

8 Keys has been getting airplay all over the US on radio and in the the rest of the world online and through syndication.  Jazzdog promotions has done a fantastic job and over 40 individual and as many as 125 syndicated stations have played the record!  It is very gratifying to see that self released artists can still get airplay that can compete with major record labels.  The next planned releases for Steve include another jazz trio album, a solo piano record, and some collaborations with rock and pop EDM musicians and composers.  It is a very exciting time!

Independent recording artists!  Stay tuned for a couple of blogs discussing the costs and rewards of producing your own CD.  

Cheers everyone!

Filling in the Blanks 

Hello!  I'm taking the opportunity to upload some of my older material this week.  So today in the Music section you will find the album City Magic listed after 8 Keys.  I would enjoy hearing your comments.  No purchase necessary to listen but downloads are much appreciated!
Enjoy, more old releases coming soon.

Real live Airplay! 

Very excited that Jazzdog Promotions is starting to work 8 Keys to radio. 
Hawaii Public Radio played "Little Crooked House" last night!!!  

Let's hope there is lots more airplay to come!



Swiss Jazz Orchestra/Liberty City/Pools 
Steve Bach/Little Crooked House/8 Keys 
New Standard Jazz Orchestra/Bu’s Groove/Waltz About Nothing

8 Keys is officially released! 

As of Monday May 23 the album 8 Keys is live and being promoted to radio. It is  available for listening and purchase here and on all the usual places like ITunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, etc.  But here on 8Keys.com is the only place where you can buy the physical CD!!!  You get a download with your purchase.  

It is truly exciting for me. This is my first official release in many years.  Many thanks to the 2 fine musicians, Jakubu Griffin and Steve Flora who contributed to the group effort.

This new website is up and running but is still new. Please take a few moments to look at the pictures and listen (or download) the new record.  Join the mailing list if it suits you.  



What a week! 

I had the good fortune to get involved with a very talented and dedicated cast and crew last week!  The wonderful pianist  and Music Director Angela Chan asked if I could play a few rehearsals and conduct opening night due to her having previous commitments.  What a challenge! Things went pretty smoothly considering all the last minute changes and adjustments.  The show is now back in Angela's capable hands and there are still 2 weeks left in the run.  
Here's info about the show.  Highly recommended that you try to see it if you are in or near Las Vegas!


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